Safety first

The safety of our customers, community and team is our number one priority.

To ensure that everyone enjoys an exceptional experience on board our CityCats, KittyCats and ferries, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your journey is enjoyable and safe.


Waiting at the Terminal

When waiting at a terminal, stand back from the terminals edge, behind the yellow line.

Keep an eye on our deckhands who will indicate to you when it’s safe to board and which gangway to board via (CityCats only).

Allow passengers with mobility impairment, wheelchairs and prams to board first.

If travelling with young children, hold their hand whilst waiting at the terminal and when boarding the vessel.


Boarding Safely

Once on board, walk into the ferry to allow others to board promptly and remember to tap on.

Do not block the doors or aisles with prams, bags or bikes.

Once onboard, if there is a seat available, even if you are only taking a short trip, please use it.Stand clear of the gangways.

Bicycles: Bicycles are permitted onboard the ferries and need to bestored in the designated bike areas at the front of each vessel.

Prams: At the terminal keep your pram parallel (sideways) to the terminals edge, behind the yellow line.

Be mindful of gangway movement. Always apply the brakes and restrain your child in the pram while on the terminal and onboard the vessel. Board and exit the vessel with the pram in front of you.



Our ferry network is inclusive and accessible for all.

Terminals Many of the CityCat terminals are fully accessible however ferry terminal ramp gradients may fluctuate with tidal movements. Customers with mobility issues, Seniors and people with prams are reminded to exercise care when traveling at low tide.

Vessels All CityCat ferries are fully accessible, with four spaces for wheelchairs and mobility scooters on each vessel. Our KittyKat ferries are also fully accessible with two spaces for wheelchairs and mobility scooters on each vessel. CityHopper and CrossRiver Ferry services are not accessible.

Assistance when accessing or disembarking the vessels is available upon request.

Public announcements will be made onboard, identifying the next stop and information during service disruptions.